LOOK: These Guys are Helping Their Friend Meet ‘The One’ Through a Slideshow

Are you single? Have your friends ever done anything about it? Well, this guy’s friends are definitely doing something about it. Apparently, RQ is quite a catch, and his friends don’t really understand why he’s still single. As such, they have taken it upon themselves to help him find the right one. How? By creating a slideshow and uploading it on the Internet, of course. (They even have hashtags: #BeTheOne and #RQTheOneForHim)

Mark Uy shares that he decided to come up with this project to simply help out his friend. “He’s a good catch yet every time we ask him, his answer is “I haven’t found the right one yet”,” he explains. “So, you know, as his friends, we believe that it’s our responsibility to help him out find #TheOne.”

The slides start out simply enough, with a call-to-action asking if you are looking for The One:

It then follows with a picture of RQ (@rdquilala on Instagram), 25 years old, 5’7″ from Manila, Philippines:

And then we get to the part on why you might want to date RQ. Aside from it being in time for Valentine’s Day, the slide promises that he won’t play you (coz his small eyes can only look at one person at a time), mentions that he graduated from Benilde, and that he loves music.

Other reasons are because he loves to travel (n case you need an Instagram boyfriend), has taught his dog some tricks (and can therefore teach you how to love), is adventurous, and can drive for you (without driving you crazy):

Of course, his friends are looking out for him, too, making sure that whoever applies fit their friend’s standards:

And because advance sila magisip, they’ve even prepared you for RQ’s mom:

Our favorite part? The testimonials! :p

Mark adds, “I simply aim to see my friend happy because he has so much love to give and just in time for Valentine’s, right?”

Should you be interested in applying (seriously – these guys are serious), you may send your profile along with three photos and links to your social media accounts to rqtheoneforhim@gmail.com

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