Healthy Living at Muni Market Day by Muni PH

The Healthy Food Forum educated us about healthy living and how taking baby steps, in terms of being healthy aka eating vegetables and consuming brown rice instead of white rice, can go a long way.

Muni Healthy Living

[From left to right] Event organizer and forum host – Jen Horn, with representatives from The Good Food Co., Dakila, Jertie’s Kitchen, Bahay Kubo Organics, and Edgy Veggy

Coming from the audience, Patrick, a student from UP Diliman, even asked for tips with regards to healthy living, especially when you’re a college student living in a dorm with all of the struggles in finding affordable and healthy options. Denise from Edgy Veggy answered that there are always vegetable options in a karinderia. Jertie’s Kitchen‘s representative also suggested green smoothies to keep you awake all throughout the day! Oh, and they even gave out samples of their glutton-free vegan cookies. 

Muni Healthy Living

Glutton-free vegan cookies from Jertie’s Kitchen

Meanwhile, the Cause-driven Business Forum focused on (yep, you guessed it) cause-driven businesses! Kendrick from Lagu raised our awareness about sand erosion and the narrowing of the shore in our beaches caused by tourists. (I bet you guys didn’t know that an average of beach-goer displaces at least THREE handfuls of sand away from the beach!) That’s why they created Lagu which is the first beach-friendly blanket because it is (1) sand repellent, (2) quick dry, and (3) allergen-free.

Muni Healthy Living

Lagu beach towels by Antidote Brand Divergence

Mara Sebastian from Marsse tropical timber plantations also encouraged people to keep planting trees and discussed how their business provides alternative material for wood. Their goal is to ensure the renewable hardwood resource in the Philippines through sustainable tree farming and conscious consumption.

Muni Healthy Living

[From left to right] Event organizer and forum host – Jen Horn, with Kendrick from Lagu, Mara Sebastian from Marsse tropical timber plantations, and Nicolas from GK’s Enchanted Farm Team

Lastly, Nicolas from Gawad Kalinga‘s Enchanted Farm team enlightened us about how their Farm Village University and raised the concern about how the Philippines has 30 million homeless people and 70% of unproductive land.

Muni Healthy Living

Nicolas from GK’s Enchanted Farm Team talking about the vast opportunities for Filipino entrepreneurs right now

Not only was Muni PH able to inform us about the value of the meanings behind our local products and of being conscious consumers, but they also raffled off exciting prizes to everyone who dropped by! I was even one of the lucky few who got to win!

Muni Healthy Living

[Left photo – me with my prize, tea bags from Tsaa Daloy; Top right photo – me with my friends who also came to the event; Bottom right photo – the many prizes which were given away during the raffles]

Awareness can definitely take you a long way. Let’s be curious and conscious about the things that we buy and even the things that we plan to produce. The opportunity for success of the Philippines is so big, we just have to grasp it. Quoting Muni PH, “By choosing products that are locally made or eco-friendly, we choose to put our pesos on products / businesses that share our values of maximizing impact in our community while minimizing impact on the planet.”

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Healthy Living at Muni Market Day by Muni PH


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