Loboc Church in Bohol Collapses Due to 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

By on October 15, 2013

photo byt

photo by: Robert Michael Poole ‏@tokyodrastic https://twitter.com/tokyodrastic/status/389921847132704768/photo/1

 Loboc Church in Bohol Collapses Due to 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake


Heartbreaking news folks..

As the 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake hits Central Visayas and some parts of Mindanao earlier today, it was shocking to see photos of one of our Philippine Gems, the famous 400-year-old Loboc Church would be down to nearly ashes.

It is truly devastating to realize that the Loboc Church, one of Bohol’s major tourist attractions will no longer be seen standing mighty for the next generation to appreciate. 

If you’ve been to Bohol, I’m sure you’ve visited and stopped by Loboc Church to pray and take a photo or two. You are truly lucky indeed to have seen Loboc Church in its original structure. Personally,  I feel really heart broken as I will never get the chance to witness this majestic structure anymore.

I have long dreamed of visiting Bohol to experience the culture and witness jaw-dropping sights like the famous Chocolate Hills, meet Tarsiers , get to experience dolphin feeding, the Loboc River cruise and visit the Loboc Church. But I guess I would just have to visit the Loboc Church and honor its remains when I visit before the year ends.


Here are some photos I got online about the current devastating state of Loboc Church….

Photo taken from Rappler http://www.rappler.com/nation/41374-bohol-earthquake-damages-deaths

Photo taken from Robert Michael Poole / Rappler http://www.rappler.com/nation/41374-bohol-earthquake-damages-deaths


photo by: @tokyodrastic  Facade of San Pedro church in Loboc collapsed, shocks still shaking it down further... http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BWlUOz9CMAE3Sud.jpg

photo by: @tokyodrastic
Facade of San Pedro church in Loboc collapsed http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BWlUOz9CMAE3Sud.jpg


photo from JAMICH ‏@ilovejamich

Before and after photo of Loboc Church  from JAMICH ‏@ilovejamich


Photo by marky bautista ‏@marky_bautista

Photo showing how strong the quake was…Photo by marky bautista ‏@marky_bautista


A few months ago, WhenInManila photographer Frank Ruaya was lucky enough to visit bohol and take a photo of the famous Loboc Church…

Noticed the century-old structure at the background? Yes, it was the famous Loboc Church in Bohol. I was fortunate to have had a glimpse of this Landmark which can no longer be seen in its majestic form from today moving forward 

Just earlier today, around 8:20a, a twin 7.2 m earthquake struck the visayas area (and believed to include some parts of mindanao as well). Epicenter was found to be in Carmen, Bohol, a nearby town of Loboc where the church was located. ~Frank Ruaya

photo by WIM Photographer Frank Ruaya

photo by WIM Photographer Frank Ruaya


As we mourn for the lost lives and properties damaged by this calamity, let us also mourn for the loss of yet another Philippine gem that is the Loboc Church. =(


What are your thoughts about this news? Have you visited the Loboc Church before? I would appreciate it if you could write about your experiences at the comment box provided below.


Keep Safe Everyone!


 UPDATE: Here is some extra CCTV video footage of the earthquake in Cebu City Philippines

  Earthquake in Cebu City Philippines


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Loboc Church in Bohol Collapses Due to 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake


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