Zoocobia Fun Zoo: A Place for Families to Learn & Have Fun!

Zoocobia Fun Zoo!!!!

When in Manila and would like to make wonderful memories with your family, I strongly  suggest you visit Zoocobia in Clark Pampanga for I may say that it is truly one of the Happiest Places here in the country!

Both Zoocobia and Zoobic Safari are part of the Zoomanity Group owned by the Yupangco Group of Companies headed by their very energetic and passionate president Mr. Robert Yupangco.


Mr. Robert Yupangco



This week, I’d like to share with you all our wonderful weekend Zoocobia and Zoobic  Safari experience! I was also celebrating my birthday that day so it was  truly an unforgettable experience for me and I’m really glad to share this experience with my friends.



When I heard we were going to Zoocobia, I got so excited because I really love hanging out with animals!  I was sooo sure that it’ll be another perfect weekend once again!

As always, I will let our photos do the talking…..


are you ready kids? I can’t hear you! 

definitely not a site you get to see everyday!

 Here at Zoocobia, you get to interact with your favorite furry friends up close 





 my friends and I loved feeding these baby animals



 Meet Victoria the adorable llama!




After meeting the animals, it was time for the Animal Show!!! Yippppeeeeee!!!



It was such an honor to meet Sir Robert.  He’s very hands-on with everything! Such an inspiring man! He’s always ready to share his inspirational stories. I learned a lot from him! =)




it was such a delight seeing the animals perform and do their best. Their trainer was very good!




 the trainer even rendered this fun dance number!




I’m glad my friends were very happy!




Afterwards, we then tried the Zooc Ride!!



 I enjoyed the Zooc Ride a lot! I’d like to try it again soon! I’m sure this will be enjoyed by both the young and the young at heart!




And then it was time for a quick brunch. We almost forgot to eat for we were having so much fun! We had to stuff ourselves with more energy though for we got a long day ahead of us!




We had these huge burgers! Yum! The patty was a bit dry and undercooked. I believe it can still be improved. The fries however were perfect!!! 




the juice served was very refreshing!!!! loved it!

After eating,  I just couldn’t  let the day pass without me trying out this gigantic slide!!! This was actually my birthday wish!!! Seriously!!

how nice it is to be a kid again at Zoocobia!



never leave without something to bring home!

I personally never thought I’d truly feel like a kid again during that Zoocobia visit. It has definitely exceeded all expectations!

I believe that when you expose your kids into taking care of animals, they will learn compassion, respect and a sense of responsibility as well. That’s why it’s so important to expose them at a very young age! And the best place to take them? — ZOOCOBIA of course!!

All the animals at Zoocobia were soooo sweet and adorable! Truly perfect for the whole family!  We heard that they are still in the process of adding more fun attractions in the coming months so be sure to book your family there in advance! I was so thrilled to hear their plans for Zoocobia!

It was such a blessing to be there at Zoocobia! I’m truly grateful! A dream come true indeed!

Zoocobia Fun Zoo – Definitely offers the best animal encounter experience! A place not only to have fun but to learn as well!  Truly one of the happiest places in the Philippines! Another must go place when in Manila!

Thank You So Much Zoomanity Group for this one of a kind Zoocobia experience!



Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoomanity Group

3rd Floor, Yupangco Building, 339 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City

Landline : (632) 895.7142/ 899.9595 Mobile : (63) 917.835.1111



CLICK HERE to check out our ZOOBIC SAFARI Experience!

Zoocobia Fun Zoo: A Place for Families to Learn & Have Fun!

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