ZOOBIC SAFARI is ‘The Happiest Place!’ whether it rains or shines!


When In Manila, we always find ourselves dreaming of having a sunny getaway, a time to take a break, and find a place where we can enjoy with our family and friends. But the rainy season stops us from getting off our cozy beds and long PJ’s!



So let me show you how a wet-and-wild adventure at Zoobic Safari can heighten up everyone’s mood, just like during sunny days!





It’s a lazy Sunday morning, but the wonderful view keeps our eyelids from raising the white flag!




Ms. Elizabeth warmly welcomes our team upon arriving at Zoobic Safari. She walks us to the Pavilion and endorses us to Mr. Jessie, our Tour Manager for this day!




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But before anything else, gotta warm up by doing the Tiger pose! Say “RAWR!






 Let the tour begin!



 We gather at the Pavilion and listen to the tour briefing. Then our Aeta brothers uniquely and passionately groove to different animal movements! Everyone applauds to the unique performance!




It is believed that Aetas were the first inhabitants of Subic! Also, 30% of Zoobic Safari workers are Aetas! Great job, brothers! 😉






Face your Fears! Here comes the “Serpentarium!”




Oh no! Reptiles, especially the lizard’s family, give me chills! 😮




Iguanas love to eat Coleslaw, talbos ng Kamote, and other leafy veggies! But Iguanas living in the forests also catch insects for food! Zoobic Safari makes sure that their reptiles sun bask every day. Just like humans, they need to enjoy the sun, too!





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Animals entirely take the spotlight in Zoobic Safari’s Animal Show! Catch it every weekends and holidays at 10:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm. Then have a Zoombic Foto with the animal celebrities afterwards! 🙂





 Zoobic Safari shares that positive treatment to animals builds trust, thus creating a good relationship between a trainer and his animal.






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Photo Op with “ICY” the White Tiger! Grab the rare chance of bottle feeding a 3-year- old white tiger! Just like a baby!! So cuteee!







 sky safari1



 Sky Safari is open when the sun is up! Mr. Jessie shares that running metal can attract lightning hence zip lining is not advisable when it rains. Let’s fly high next time!





A 73-year-old Balikbayan woman is the oldest to try Sky Safari while a 2 year old kid is the youngest to fly like Superman!








Beep! Beep! Here comes our Zooper Train!








animal muzeum and zoobic cave1

Zoobic Cave and Animal Muzooeum feature a rare collection of real stuffed animals!









Say “Hello!” to the farm animals @ the Savannah! 



You cannot go down the Zooper Train once you enter the Savannah! It’s because an ostrich has a high possibility of becoming aggressive! One more interesting fact about Ostriches is once their butts go RED, it means TIME to BREED!






croco1  Erh Mah Gahddd! I’m going loco at ‘Croco Loco!’ 




This is my Part 2 of Face Your Fears!  Tease the hungry crocodiles with raw chicken and watch them jump high to grab their fave meat! *shivers* 😮






close encounter2

A close encounter with our Siberian and Bengal tigers!




Four lions have just arrived at Zoobic Safari! And right now, they are still adjusting to their new home so we’ll get to see them soon, ayt?! 🙂  The lions were donated by Dubai’s Prime Minister.





This is it, the Tiger Safari Ride! Oooops, here goes the Tig….e….e.eer.. Aahhhh!!!




Seems like our boys are teary-eyed! Aren’t they?







tiger31Tiger is now wildly munching on the raw chicken! 

But look! Leyna, our girl, can still gracefully do the Tiger pose! “ROAR-icious!” 




Tigers at Zoobic Safari eat 7-10 kilos of meat per day!








It’s the end of our Zoobic Safari Tour and we were awarded a certificate of completion, and a sumptuous meal at Buho Grill!











Here are your options on how to reach Subic:











(from left) the author, Aldrin, Leyna, Lourdes, Don and “ICY” the White Tiger



Yup, it may be a rainy and muddy adventure but at the end of the day, you open your cam, check your photos and remember the sincere joy that doesn’t only replay in your head, but in your heart as well. It’s just simply Zoo… amazing! Thank you Ms. Evy Raquion, Ms. Elizabeth Alvarez, Mr. Jessie Garbo and to all the wonderful people of Zoobic Safari



So When In Manila, and you need a break from the busy metro, shout “Goodbye Manila! Zoobic Safari, here I come!”  Indeed, rain or shine, Zoobic Safari is the Happiest Place! 😉





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ZOOBIC SAFARI is ‘The Happiest Place!’ whether it rains or shines!