Zombieland 2: Is It Really, Finally Happening?

Over the past few months, rumors have been buzzing that Zombieland 2 is in the works. And, yes, we are praying that it indeed is real!

Zombieland 2: Is It Really, Finally Happening?businessinsider.com

There have been reports saying that Zombieland 2 will possibly start filming in the second half of the year, although there have been no news yet when the film’s release date will be. (Can we just make this happen already??


The cult comedy film, Zombieland, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin, was a big hit when it first appeared in theaters in 2009. And why not? 1. Zombies, and 2. Absolute, total coolness! Weren’t Emma and Abigail total bad-asses in that film? We LOVE it. And ever since the first release, it’s been years of rumors (and endless hoping) that a Zombieland 2 will happen.

Could we be finally getting our wish in the next year or two? We certainly hope so! But if not, well, at least we have this:

Dead funny, this movie. Dead funny (pun totally intended).