ZIG: The ultimate GoPro bag!

There are a ton of accessories for the widely famous and sought after GoPro Hero line for cameras. From mounts, gimbals, floaters, cases, and even bags. It has always been my personal issue and also a known issue of friends about finding the perfect bag for the GoPro that allows one to bring all the accessories you need without being way too big or be a hindrance to your luggage and traveling. As I was searching for the perfect bag/case, I stumbled upon ZIG by Carrier Pro. I was highly unsatisfied by my former case which was a common case for the GoPro and accessories, and began searching for an all-in-one bag instead. ZIG proved to be the match with its small size and great capabilities to store your favorite mounts and accessories, it is a perfect match for me! Oh and did I mention that this is locally made by entrepreneur Gian Carlo Rosales? Awesome isn’t it?



ZIG by Carrier Pro allows you to organize a handful of your accessories in an easy to pull-out manner. You get these rubber straps where you can strap-in your floaters, extra batteries, and remote, and you also get individual straps for mounts and even for your screw locks. The GoPro itself is strapped on inside so that you can easily pull whatever you need without having to worry of anything dropping. And before I forget to mention, the ZIG can fit 2 GoPro cameras! If you don’t have or need 2 GoPro cameras, then use the other space for a floater or another accessory! The great thing about the ZIG is that it is also flexible to what accessories you plan to tag along due to the stretchable strap. It also includes a small pouch located inside for other accessories like your micro SD card or USB cable. There are also some zippers inside for further stuff you want to bring or just simply want to put in the bag.


On the outside, you get 2 buckles that allow you to saddle the ZIG onto a bike! Neat! You also get 2 velcro straps that you use so that you can snug your GoPro pole onto the ZIG. It’s insanely good how the ZIG can do all this! And much more amazing because of the fact that the ZIG is locally made! Definitely a must for those who love taking their GoPro Hero cameras with them. A must buy in my books for any GoPro user! And as of now, the ZIG is on a special pre-order discounted price of Php 2,380 so better order right NOW! Get your ZIG at CarrierProPH Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CarrierProPH


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