Zee.Dog: The ‘H&M for Dogs’ is Now in the Philippines

Tired of seeing the same old prints and designs on your dog’s pet accessories? Enter Zee.Dog, the sensational pet brand that’s taking the world by storm today.

Zee.Dog 2

Photo from Zee.Dog

“If you have a dog, you know the feeling of walking into a pet shop and only seeing commodity products dangling from shelves. Lifeless, just plain boring,” says Thadeu Diz, one of the founders of Zee.Dog. This unfortunate truth brought him and his partners to an idea: a lifestyle brand they could share with their dogs. They were on a mission, which is to connect dogs and people. ZeeDog provides you a whole new avenue to express yourself: through your pet’s stuff. Just like the shoes your wear, the jeans you buy, or the watch on your wrist; your pets can experience and be a part of that lifestyle, too.

Zee.Dog 8

Photo from Zee.Dog

Intriguing, bold, and always fresh – that’s what Zee.Dog is making its name to be. The brand comes up with new and trendy designs every season, and seasonal limited edition designs are never reproduced again. So get them quick; they sell out fast!

Zee.Dog 11

Photo from Zee.Dog

What is it about ZeeDog that makes it so cool? It’s not just about the stylish prints, colors, and patterns; but its revolutionary product innovations make the brand both functional and stylish. Think Nike, but for dogs. For example, the award-winning RUFF leash has built-in shock absorbent technology for dogs that pull like beasts. Or the hands-free leash that you can wear over your shoulder or around your waist for a more enjoyable walking experience. Yes, they’ve thought things through.

Zee.Dog 4

Photo from Zee.Dog

ZeeDog has been making some noise across countries like the United States, the UK, and Brazil; and has finally landed on Philippine waters care of Pet Warehouse PH. (www.petwarehouse.ph) This new pet lifestyle brand is here to make a statement—in the coolest way.