7 Totally Hot ZALORA Fashion Finds For Men

Every season we see pieces and styles being paraded down the runway. Some, well most of the time, we spot something we like and we don’t even see it anywhere when we scour the malls. Online shopping however has grown leaps and bounds; even Instagram is now full of online sellers showing their wares from unique fashion finds to home and kitchen essentials.

ZALORA, Asia’s number one fashion destination, provides its customers with hassle free online shopping. From brands we know and love to exclusive brands that they only carry. ZALORA is definitely a mecca for your usual basics and essentials to unique and not-your-run-of-the-mill fashion finds as well.

Here’s my list for unique fashion finds gentlemen out there should give the good ol’ fashion try.


7. Gone Diving…

Initially geared towards industrial use or recreational diving, Neoprene has now been a fixture in fashion. From edgy street wear inspired looks to classic feminine silhouettes, neoprene is a versatile textile that’s here to stay.

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6. Strappy Happy

As much as we love popping cork off wine bottles, we equally love parading the streets in cork too. Leather sandals however is a good way to tone down your looks for an extra laid back look.

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5. Classic Throwback

The resurgence of the dapper 40’s Era style is now in full force. Crisp button downs and blazers abound. Classic silhouettes in modern textures give this comeback trend a huge upgrade. So start digging your Grandpa’s old hutches and closets! 

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4. Short Notice

Trouser length for the gentlemen has traditionally been leaning towards the knee and below the knee heights. But each season designers, bloggers and fashion enthusiasts continue to challenge and break the norm on what’s short and what’s long. 

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3. The Boy Who Lived

From John Lennon to Harry Potter, Round Framed glasses have been in the scene for quite a while now. Though, typically associated to a more vintage vibe, new technology and new lens colors has given way for this trend to still be relevant and happening.

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2. Art class special

Let’s face it your phone is basically your third arm now. A can’t-live-without item. So why waste the opportunity to bring in some cool and style? Show off your style and passion for art with hip and heavily art influenced phone and gadget cases. 

6zaloraartphonecase2aff i?offer id=12&aff id=1290&url id=1388&file id=5532 6zaloraartphonecasesaff i?offer id=12&aff id=1290&url id=1388&file id=5534


1. Sock it up!

With men doing most of the sock wearing, drive your looks to a whole new game with non-traditional prints and colors! Perfect for those who want to make a statement but afraid of standing out too much (like there’s a thing).

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The fashion scene is definitely thriving online! With most brands now establishing their websites as shoppable sites, we can definitely expect the online fashion scene to be more competitive and that’s good news for us!


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