Yummza Hummus: A Yummy Snack That’s Healthy, Too!

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Hummus has been a favourite Middle Eastern snack for ages now, and is still growing strong. Its secret? Authentic hummus that uses the real ingredients is both yummy and healthy. Authentic hummus uses extra virgin olive oil, chickpeas from the Middle East (usually Afghan), lemons, garlic, and other premium ingredients.

The ingredients are fantastic! In fact, the ingredients alone are proof that you are getting so much good for your body! This product is so good, you’ll completely forget it’s vegan in the first place. We all know the health benefits from all of these ingredients, and when made naturally, you get real food that your body truly needs and desires.

Yummza Hummus has taken the challenge of creating authentic hummus and bringing in some twists by creating additional flavours to suit different tastes and moods. They have Tandoori, Pesto, Original, Balsamic Vinegar, and Sundried Tomato.

They’ve taken this a step further by having premium flavours such as Original with Capers, Pesto with Black Olives, Smoked Tandoori, Sun Dried Tomato with Green Olives, and Balsamic Vinegar with Oregano.

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With months of research and development poured into creating the best hummus, Yummza Hummus has not only created amazing hummus with the best ingredients, it has also made something healthy that people on special diets can order, too.

The reorders are proof positive that it is a good product, as well as the hummus being used by Salamangka MNL for their vegan nachos and hummus sampler set.

The Health Benefits of Hummus

Hummus Health Benefits

For a vegan product, hummus is packed with so much nutrients, it is considered a superfood.

Hummus is packed with plant-based protein, as well as good fats, fiber, vitamin B6, Manganese, Copper, Folate, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, Thiamin, and Potassium.

This product is basically like a multivitamin.

Hummus is also known to prevent inflammation and is full of antioxidants. Its high fiber content is food for probiotics that helps with digestion and proper absorption of nutrients. Its low glycemic index makes it good for controlling our body sugar levels, as well. Chickpeas in hummus can also reduce bad cholesterol by up to 5% based on research. People who switched to hummus for snacking have also found themselves losing weight and getting a fitter body. Lastly, it is both gluten- and dairy-free.

The Magical Flavours of Yummza

Yummza magically transforms your mouth into one amazing party where you’re the star! Everyone has their own preference in taste, which is why Yummza introduced the Sampler set. Try each of the flavours at 120ml each and decide which hummus best suits your taste from there.

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Pesto – The pesto is fresh and made from scratch with basil leaves, pine nuts, and cashews added in. The pesto hummus can also be used to make pesto pasta and a salad dressing.

Tandoori – A nice Indian twist that is one of its bestsellers, Tandoori has a nice sour and spice kick with special spices to make you go from one jar to the next and the next. Best paired with Yummza Pita Chips.

Originally Awesome – This is the bare hummus; and in its naked state, it is also a big crowd favourite. The taste of real hummus is very well enjoyed in this one.

Balsamic Vinegar – A cult favourite, Balsamic Vinegar has a nice slight sweet taste to its sour that is a favourite for pasta and baguettes. Definitely a crowd pleaser

Sun Dried Tomato – Having little pieces of sundried tomato adds another level of depth to the flavor and texture of this hummus. Best eaten with chips or pasta. It is naturally creamy and healthy.

Has this article made you hungry? Give Yummza a try! They deliver within Metro Manila and offer free shipping if you purchase their sampler set or 3 250ml jars. They have more than hummus, too, with their offering of pita bread and pita chips (both plain and flavoured, the black pepper though is wow!). Other products are coming up soon, as well, so like their page below and watch out for the vegan garlic sauce!

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