Yugto: Ang Bughaw na Silakbo


The College of Arts and Sciences’ batch of 2017 will be leaving the four walls of Miriam College and will be graduating in a few days. In line with this, an event that would serve as an avenue to have fun and at the same time, give recognition to students who have shown great achievement, excellence, passion, and rigor in their years in Miriam College.

That is why the College of Arts and Sciences will hold its first ever CAS Night with the title “Yugto: Ang Bughaw na Silakbo”. Happening on the 20th of May 2017, Saturday, at the Marian Auditorium from 6:00 pm, the juniors, and seniors under the College of Arts and Sciences will be able to experience life in allure and elegance in this year’s theme, the Great Gatsby. There will also be an official turnover of responsibilities ceremony to the juniors as the next seniors who will look over the lower years to be as mentors. They are to promote camaraderie in the institution, and turnover with the Sanggunian and the respective organizations under the College of Arts and Sciences. The students will also have a lot of fun as there will be a music festival after the formal event proper.

It’s the time to make one roaring night to remember with the Blue Batch!

See you there!

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