Ysanygo Releases a Comforting Song ‘Whatever’s on Your Mind’

Today, listeners around the world get to wrap themselves in the comforting embrace of Ysanygo’s latest release, “Whatever’s on Your Mind.” This deeply personal song, penned by Ysa in 2016, is a testament to genuine connection, empathy, and the beauty of being present for

With “Whatever’s on Your Mind,” Ysanygo aims to remind listeners that they are never truly alone. In Ysa’s words, the song is about “being present in someone’s life and letting them know that you’ll be there to listen.” This is a call to open conversation, for sharing daily musings, fears, dreams, and stories. “Whatever’s on your mind, it matters,” they emphasized.

Ygo recalls the song’s intimate creation process. With Ysa’s moving lyrics and his accompanying guitar melodies, they molded this track, keeping it raw and minimalistic to pay homage to their origins as an acoustic duo. The song aims to “feel as if we’re singing directly to the listener.” Ygo nostalgically shared, “I remember recording from 3 AM onwards, and I’d have to stop when the roosters start their morning alarm!”

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Photo: Underdog Music Philippines

While “Whatever’s on Your Mind” leans into the acoustic realm, it retains the unique “Ysanygo” essence, ensuring its place within their evolving discography. For production inspiration, they leaned into the works of Lizzy McAlpine, John Mayer, and their good friend Martti Franca, aiming to strike the right acoustic chords. Ysanygo acknowledges the deviation from their signature sound but hopes the song offers solace, “accompanying them on the days they may need it.”

The colorful cover art, conceptualized by their mother and artist Gel Ferraz, mirrors our intricate minds, proving that amidst the chaos, there’s always a way back to harmony.

For those eager for more, this is but a taste of what’s to come. “Whatever’s on Your Mind” is the second single from Ysanygo’s upcoming self-titled debut EP, set to release on October 6.

Stream “Whatever’s on Your Mind” on all major streaming platforms now: https://ingrv.es/whatever-s-on-your-qms-p.