YouTube Horror Series “The Backrooms” Is Being Adapted Into a Movie

The Backrooms

Photo / The Backrooms

Fans of internet horror, we have great news for you: the YouTube series The Backrooms is going to be adapted into a movie.

It will be adapted by A24, which has produced and distributed films like The Bling Ring, Ex Machina, The Witch, Swiss Army Man, Moonlight, Lady Bird, Hereditary, Midsommar, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and more.

What makes The Backrooms adaptation special is that Kane Parsons, the creator of the YouTube series, will direct the film. He is 17 years old and will direct the movie over his summer break.

Here’s how Deadline described the series: “in the ’90s-set original short, a young filmmaker’s fall into another dimension leaves him wandering through an unsettlingly yellow, empty and labyrinthine office space, which may or may not be home to otherworldly beings. The film’s title and setting draw inspiration from the imagery of a creepypasta (or internet urban legend) published to the website 4chan in 2019.”

Watch the first episode below:

The first episode was launched in 2022 and garnered 44 million views. This was quickly followed by more episodes, most of which have millions of views.

There’s no word what the adaptation will be about, or when it will be released.

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