Your Yakitori Stop in Manila: Katsu Japanese Grill


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When in Manila and you find yourself wandering around The Fort Strip for a place to cure your Japanese food cravings, then I highly suggest that you try out Katsu Japanese Grill. You won’t miss it, It’s that cool looking Japanese restaurant with Japanese-styled exteriors and a minimalist Zen interior.


Here’s a view of what the Katsu Japanese restaurant looks like at night.




Inside, I’m pleased to see the minimalist theme carried through with the design of the interior with hints of Japanese graphics placed strategically on the walls. The furniture pieces also were Asian in form and most were stained a dark wenge hue, the traditional wood color for Japanese furniture pieces.






I also noticed this wonderful wave pattern on the ceiling made from bent wood. It somehow creates visual interest at the eating spaces situated at one corner of the restaurant. Again, this is a great interior detail.




First off the menu was the Rosu Katsu. This is probably one of the most common Japanese dishes that people order from restaurants but I gotta tell you that the Katsu here stands out from the rest. The meat wasn’t dry and the breading had that perfect amount of crisp that just makes you want more.




Their Tofu and Angus Beef is also a must try. The beef was cooked very tender and the strips just really melts in your mouth. I’m not really a fan of tofu but for this dish, I’m making an exception.




The Spicy Tuna Roll was also good. It is spicy but very tolerable. Glad that they didn’t skimp on the shrimp roes garnishing each piece. I hate it when some restaurants do that.




Lastly, we were given this Yakitori platter and this is the menu item you can’t miss. Since this is their specialty, I had high expectations for it and you know what? It didn’t disappoint. The different skewered meats and vegetables were just so fun to eat especially if you’re a group. You can either share this dish or be selfish and have it all to yourself. I know I would because it’s THAT good.




Oh and here’s a little trivia for the Yakitori off of Katsu’s Facebook page:

Yakitori is a popular Japanese dish, sort of a Japanese chicken kebab. Marinated chicken pieces, and sometimes chicken livers and vegetables are threaded on bamboo skewers and grilled. The word is from ‘yaki’ meaning grill, or cook, and ‘tori’ meaning bird or fowl.

Interesting huh?




I’m really glad to have eaten at Katsu Japanese Grill and enjoyed the service of the very welcoming staff and their manager, Ruben who was kind enough to assist us. I’m definitely coming back.


Katsu Japanese Grill

The Fort Entertainment Strip, 1634 Taguig, Philippines


Katsu Japanese Restaurant Facebook Page


Your Yakitori Stop in Manila: Katsu Japanese Grill