Your Vote May Not Get Counted In 2016 Because Of This

Election season is near, and while a lot of us have been voting for years, listen up: your vote may not get counted in 2016 if you don’t have this.


Reports say according to the COMELEC, 4.3 million voters STILL don’t have biometrics data: the digital photo, thumbprint, and signature needed in next year’s elections. Without these, voters’ ballots face disenfranchisement when the 2016 elections roll around.

The COMELEC also says that people should be more involved, and is enlisting the help of the public to spread the word about their “no bio, no boto” campaign in their communities.

COMELEC also says that by simply informing your neighbors about the need to acquire biometrics data, this would go a long way in preventing massive disenfranchisement. Social media can also help in spreading information about electronic voter validation.

The COMELEC is also teaming up with several malls nationwide to put up satellite registration booths for voters with incomplete or no biometrics data.

Anything to add to this? Are you ready for the 2016 elections??


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