Your Ultimate Guide to Universal Studios Japan

One last (IMPORTANT) tip: you have to visit and see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter regardless if you’re a Potterhead or not (yes, I’m convincing/forcing you into this) because this time of day is what makes this place feel even more magical.

So, as I’ve mentioned earlier, we went to the WWOHP twice. Once in the morning and again at night. Why? Because of this: 

Hogwarts Castle is literally LIT. Lit with lights and music in the background, which makes the whole experience legit and the whole setting of the WWOHP has a different ambiance when nightfall comes:

We also decided to try out the famous Butterbeer because, c’mon, a trip to the WWOHP wouldn’t be complete without it.

I also noticed that the line for the Butterbeer is relatively shorter in the evening compared to in the morning; but whatever. You have to try the Butterbeer!

My first and definitely not my last Butterbeer. Cheers!!! ?

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The Butterbeer costs 600 yen, though you can get it in a souvenir mug for 1,100 yen or in premium stein for 3,980 yen. They also have Frozen Butterbeer available at 750 yen, though you can get it in a souvenir mug for 1,250 yen or in premium stein for 3,980 yen.

I recommend the Frozen Butterbeer. Mind you, guys: this is non-alcoholic, so you don’t have to worry about your kids (or minors) taking a sip of it, either lol It basically tastes like butterscotch soda with whipped cream.

I think we spent about an hour and 30 minutes just going around the place and sitting at a bench til we called it a night. But on the way to exit, we were so stunned by the lights and view of the lake in the middle of the park that we had to stop yet again:

Since it was just on the way out, we decided to stroll around the Universal Wonderland for a few minutes where we found this cute Hello Kitty store:

So that’s it! A day full of fun 🙂 There’s really more to see at USJ and children/adults will surely have a great time. Just make sure you read up on tips on how to maximize your time there, so you can save on both money and time. I will surely go back myself – probably this year lol. If you have questions for your trip, you can message me through Instagram: @kathleenktgbk


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