Your Ultimate Guide to Universal Studios Japan

After the first part of our tour at the WWOHP (yes, there’s a second part, wait for it lol), we decided to check out the rest of the theme park. Right outside the WWOHP is the Amity Village where you will see this:

You will have to fall in line if you want to get your photo taken (yes, you will have to fall in line, and yes, the line is quite long – which is why we decided not to even line up in the first place). You can also try out the JAWS ride. and visit Jurassic Park where you can experience rides like The Flying Dinosaur and Jurassic Park The Ride.

Of course, we had to try the famous Turkey Leg from Splashdown Snacks inside Jurassic Park, as well. It cost 950 yen.

We also had some soft-served ice cream with waffles for about 650 yen each. It’s freaking delicious! We got the Strawberry Flavored and the Caramel Flavored ones with Almonds. <3

Our next stop was San Francisco, which has an overlooking view of the lake inside the park.

There are also benches here where you can just stop by if you’re already fired from walking inside the park.

Just a few minutes away, you will find Minion Park.

After the WWOHP, I think this is the next most crowded spot in USJ.

Whether you’re with your kids or you’re a kid at heart like us, you will find this place really cute. With all of the life-sized minions around the area, you’ll definitely want to take one home lol

You can ride on the Despicable Me Mayhem Ride, too, though the line is sooooo long. We really wanted to experience all of the rides, but it turns out that that’s impossible to do without an Express Pass. So we just walked around, took photos, and then ventured onto the next spot: New York and Hollywood:

What can I say? Welcome to New York? 😀

If you have ever been to the United States of America, specifically to Hollywood and New York, this is a complete replica of the streets and avenues there (minus the busy traffic and cabs on the streets).

You can also experience rides around the area, such as The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man – The Ride 4K3D or the Hollywood Dream – The Ride.

You can even stroll down Sesame Street. Who knows? You might even bump into Ernie, Elmo, Big Bird, or the Cookie Monster! 🙂

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