Your Pet Or Your Phone: Can You Guess What 54% Of People Would Save First In A Fire?

Phone company Motorola recently carried out a survey and asked more than 7,000 people in seven countries what they would save first in the event of a fire, their phone or their pet.

Cat-Or-Phone-Survey-Momo-Muning (1)Cat or phone, what would you save first?

The survey included people in the United States, Britain, Brazil, China, Spain, Mexico and India, and a somewhat shocking 54% of them answered that they would reach for their smartphone first before saving their cat. Bad news for pets in those countries then.

The company also asked how many people slept holding their phones (60%), how many took it into the shower with them (17%), while 57%said they took their device with them when heading for the CR.

Twenty-two percent of respondents also said they would give up sex for a weekend before parting with their Smartphone, while 40% trust their phones with secrets they would not even reveal to their best friend. Presumably one of those secrets is the fact they will rather save their phone than their beloved pet.

So, what would YOU save first, your Smarthphone or your cat? Visit our Facebook page and let us know in the story comments!