Your One-Stop Cafe for Everything Nice in Baguio City

Going for another sweet Baguio weekend? You should definitely visit this locally originated cafe in Baguio! From coffee, pastries, wine, good meals, and Baguio pasalubong treats, this cafe is your one-stop destination.


Everything Nice is located at the primary spot of  Ayala Technohub of the famous Camp John Hay. This cafe, being in the business for almost 15 years now, has been known for the best cakes and pastries in Baguio City. More than just sweets, they also serve the sumptuous meals and refreshing drinks!


The cafe looks very calm and peaceful with pastel shades and a lovely interior. They also have a small garden extension for serene seclusion with the best feature of Baguio City, the cool pine breeze.




Originating in the City of Pines, the cafe utilized the local foods in Baguio to bring in some twist in their menu. They serve outstanding dishes that highlight the lean and delicious Baguio Longganisa.

For a start, here is a breakfast meal from their menu of Filipino Classics. A simple breakfast meal with Baguio Longganisa served with two eggs, achara, and garlic Balatinao rice.

HyaEverythingNice8Baguio Longganisa Breakfast, P185

Another one from the breakfast menu is this house special omelet also featuring sauteed Baguio Longganisa. A simple omelet breakfast with bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms in marinara sauce, served with soft white bread.

HyaEverythingNice9Everything Nice Baguio Longganisa Omelet, P225

They also mixed in the Baguio Longganisa with pasta! This pasta dish is good for sharing. A hearty amount of penne tossed in olive oil, fresh basil and mint, fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms in marinara sauce, and of course, sauteed slices of Baguio Longganisa.

HyaEverythingNice13Baguio Longganisa Pasta, P270

One for the salad lovers! Check out Everything Nice’s special house salad! Assorted Organic Lettuce mixed with capers, red onions, cucumber, bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, croutons, and fresh basil topped with garlic mustard dressing.

HyaEverythingNice11Everything Nice House Salad, P230

Now, let’s move forward to their house specialty meals!

Are you a fan of some tasty ribs? You have to try their Barbecued Pork Spareribs. Easy tender Texas barbecued spareribs served with soft buttered mashed potatoes and French beans.

HyaEverythingNice14Barbecue Pork Spareribs, P245

This one is my personal favorite. A unique serving of marinated and grilled boneless chicken with fresh tamarind, soy, and herb puree served with Balatinao pilaf. It’s surprisingly delicious!

HyaEverythingNice15Grilled Boneless Chicken in Tamarind Sauce, P215

Since it was really difficult to choose just one from their specialties, here’s another personal favorite! A very attractive serving of boneless chicken tenders in sweet, hickory barbecue sauce with delicious blue cheese dip!

HyaEverythingNice10Buffalo Tenders, P235

Here’s a seafood dish from the seafood menu! Baked crusted fish fillet in marinara sauce topped with fresh basil and mozzarella served with a side of olive oil-based pasta.

HyaEverythingNice12Fish Marinara, P275

The last one I tried from their house specialty menu is their curry dish. Fish in homemade curry sauce, made with authentic Indian spices, bell peppers, cilantro and lime, served with soft tortilla bread.

HyaEverythingNice16Marco’s Mexicurry, P275

These delicious meals are just perfect with their fresh series of cool and fruity beverages!

HyaEverythingNice5Cucumber Lemonade, Lemon Grass Iced Tea , Raspberry Iced Tea (P65)

Of course, we surely can’t miss the sweet side of Everything Nice! Here’s a new special flavor from their series of cakes, the Banoffee Ala Mode. This cake resembles a coffee crumble ice cream with cashew nuts and melted chocolate, layered with bananas on a fudge brownie base, topped with luscious caramel sauce. The flavor bursts in your mouth as each ingredient completes the tasteful dessert experience.

HyaEverythingNice19Banoffee Ala Mode

Everything Nice also takes pride of the comeback of their Strawberries and Cream Cake! Another Baguio classic, the all natural taste of fresh strawberries with light and super creamy icing all over. It’s simply the perfect combination of fruity goodness and creamy filling! Super yum!

HyaEverythingNice18Strawberries and Cream Cake

They also have the best treats for pasalubong! I especially loved their version of Cassava cake — soft and gooey! Available for to go, but I just had to try it right there and then with their cappuccino! (Did I mention they also have the best coffee blends?)


HyaEverythingNice7Soft and gooey slice of cassava cake

They have their own soft crinkles, fudge brownies, butterscotch bars, packaged well as pasalubong for your loved ones!



Everything Nice has another branch in SM Baguio exclusively serving drinks and pastries. We must admit that this cafe is definitely a one-stop shop for everything nice and delicious! A classic local cafe you should definitely visit when in Baguio.


Everything Nice Cake Shop and Cafe

Ayala Technohub, Camp John Hay, Baguio City
0923 746 7399