Welcome to Capricorn Season! Here’s Your Horoscope for the Week of December 23

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Welcome to Capricorn Season and the penultimate week of 2019!

While Sagittarius season was all about traveling, exploring, and learning, Capricorn season is all about taking everything you’ve experienced and using it to create bigger goals for yourself! And it’s just so apt that it takes place at the last few weeks of the year until the first weeks of the next—when everyone is reflecting and resolving to do better and be better in the future.

You’ll be feeling more ambitious, practical, realistic, and materialistic this time around as you achieve your goals with the new knowledge and skills you have gained. Big things are in store for you as long as you work hard to get them!

So here’s how the energies of the Capricorn season will affect you this week:

Aries (March 20 to April 19)

Doing so many things at the same time is not the best way to go about your days this week. You may think you’re productive, but it’s actually leaving you exhausted without giving you the results that you want. Don’t waste your efforts on things that aren’t worth it, no matter how amazing they may seem. Find out where you can make best use of your time and energies and go for that instead. Find comfort in knowing that you can always depend on those around you to support you.

Taurus (April 19 – May 20) 

An existential crisis you’re suffering right now is causing you to reevaluate your life. Questions run through your head: “Where am I headed? Am I still on the right track? Is this still what I want for my life?” When you start feeling this unfulfilled with your life, go after what makes you happy—whether it’s staying at home doing nothing, or pursuing your passions. When nothing makes sense, do something that does. Because no matter what you buy and no matter what you have, you will never find fulfillment until you do what you love.

Gemini (May 20 – June 21)

With your attention divided into so many things, a lot of more important stuff ends up getting ignored. Use this Christmas break to motivate yourself to get organized, determining what’s worth focusing on and setting aside what isn’t. Having too much on your plate will end up hurting your relationships too—with others and with your own self. Always keep your eye on what you love.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You’ve lost sight of where you want to go and you can’t find your way out of this darkness. Prior excitement has turned into anxiety and self-doubt. But push through! Have faith in yourself. You are more capable than you know. Face this scary change with all the strength you can muster and gain back control of your life!

Leo (July 22 – August 23)

As another year looms, you’re stuck with feelings of fear that all your hard work will topple down by some unforeseen, unavoidable change, leaving you with the ruins of the disaster, nursing disappointment and hopelessness. But hey, bad things always happen and there’s never really any way to prepare for them. All you need to do is just do the next right thing. Keep tracking your finances this week as well, especially since you have a tendency to spend more than what you should this holiday season.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Recently, you’ve lost a bit of confidence in yourself and you’re cautious about taking another step forward in fear of messing things up even more. But take a deep breath and listen to your inner voice. Take a break when you need to. In this period of doubt, it helps to count your blessings—all the things that have gone well for you so far, all the people who are helping you along the way, and all the gifts you have received. There’s always something to be grateful for, and that positivity and gratitude will get you through this tough time.

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