Young Cancer Warriors Express Love and Appreciation to Their Fathers

Watch this heartfelt video where young cancer survivors from Cancer Warriors Foundation Inc. along with their families celebrate Father’s Day.

This special gathering was initiated by supportive donors as a treat for these young courageous fighters and their families who have gone through a lot of struggles together in their battle against cancer and to spread more awareness in the aim to gather more supporters to help our young cancer fighters recover so they can live longer and happier lives.

Salamat po ikaw ang Daddy ko!

Salamat po ikaw ang Daddy ko!


What these families have gone through was indeed tough. The pain of seeing your child suffer from cancer is without a doubt unbearable.. and no parent would ever want to go through that. It takes a lot of faith and courage to endure this kind of phase as battling an illness such as this, is something that’s mentally, emotionally and financially draining. But thanks to their father’s undying love in working extra hard to make ends meet to support their treatments and keep the family together, our little cancer warriors found hope, strength and inspiration to overcome their pain and sickness.

On that special day, our little cancer warriors  expressed their love and appreciation to their respective fathers who have been there for them, fighting alongside with them during their weakest, darkest hours. After feasting, each of them were asked to write a message for their father which they had to read aloud after the meal. Their heartfelt messages for their dads were so touching, everyone in the room broke down into tears and their parent’s reaction… priceless. The fathers then also shared their personal experiences and  expressed words of love and encouragement to their child.

Through life’s ups and downs… in our weakest and darkest hours…  when all else seem to fall apart and wherever life may take us,  may we always be reminded of those countless seen and unseen moments our parents have sacrificed to provide the best for us.

This Father’s Day, may we all take the time to thank our fathers for their unconditional love, for always believing in us and being there for us every step of the way, fighting alongside with us through life’s battles.


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Happy Father’s Day!


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Young Cancer Warriors Express Love and Appreciation to Their Fathers