You’ll Want to Read This: The Most Awkward First Kiss Stories

Words by Gianna Sibal

We’ve all seen how it happens in the movies and books—it’s perfect and romantic, usually with the love interest right person, and maybe even your foot pops when it finally happens. As a hopeless romantic, I’ve seen, watched, read, and wrote first kiss scenes even when I have zero idea of what it feels like. Nonetheless, again, as a romantic, I have my expectations, and I’m sure you also had yours.

It’s not always the worst kiss ever, but it’s certainly the most memorable one.

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Eight people had their expectations smashed (it wasn’t like in the movies, or books!) when they finally experienced their first kiss moment—and it’s awkward.

Fix that lip issue!

Funny kasi I was wearing dark lipstick at the time (Maybelline’s SuperStay: Protector #85), so when we turned the lights on, sobrang kalat ng face niya and hirap na hirap siyang tanggalin. It was smudged all over her face!

Muntik pa yatang magsugat ‘yung paligid ng lips niya. – Kyla

Shot pa? G?

I was drunk during mine and I fell asleep during the middle of it. – Kaelen


Naka-tambay kami sa washroom. It was my first kiss, diba, so I really didn’t know what to do, and I relied on her to kiss me. Because of the height difference, I missed her lips. I ended up making out with her nose, and she ended up making out with my chin.

First Kiss 2

Neozep muna!

I was a little sick na at the time, but we haven’t seen each other in so long so baka pauwiin niya lang ako, and of course, I didn’t want that. When she leaned in to kiss me, I sneezed—almost in her face. Buti na lang I had time to turn my head.

Guilt Gift 🙁

I was dating a guy I was only so-so into, and we were hanging out in Starbucks. Turns out, his birthday was a few days before and I completely forgot. I felt bad so I said I was going to give him my first kiss as a gift. That was how I had my guilt-driven first kiss in Starbucks.

Class Time

My first kiss was in senior high school, and our teacher made us watch a film in class. Some of us decided to sit on the floor to be closer to the projector, while some stayed in their seats. My ka-MU (mutual understanding) and I were amongst those who scooted across the floor, and we were sitting together. All of a sudden, he called my name, and when I turned to face him, he kissed me, and I was shookt to the core. I backed up, stared at him, and left the room to go to the washroom to BREATHE. – Patty

First Kiss 1

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Seventh grade ako, and it was with a guy I was dating who ended up being my boyfriend. We were on the way to school via bus (we always rode to school together), and we were seated next to each other.

As I was reviewing for a test for first period, I heard him say my name, so I looked at him, expecting him to say something, but then he just kissed me out of the blue. Nagulat ako so sinipa ko siya

Marilyn Man-NO

I went to an annual batch inter-school Halloween part, and dressed up as the iconic Marilyn Monroe. An hour into the party, this cute chinito starts dancing with me. At fifteen, I didn’t really have any prior romantic or physical interaction with boys, but my body also started dancing with him. When his lips landed on mine, he started making out with me—aggressively. Maybe we both looked like blob fishes but it definitely felt way too sloppy whenever I recall it. I found out that this same chinito made out with six other girls from my school rin. Thanks to him, we all got our first kiss that night—kahit sloppy.

Always watch the nose

He was taking me home after our first date, and papasok pa lang ako sa house, he pulled on my arm. I fly towards him and our noses smash together. He tried again afterwards, and it was the most awkward four seconds on my entire life because my nose hurts. It bruised for like a week.

What was your first kiss like? Did your foot pop? Share it with us!