You’ll never see Manila the same again after reading through these #ManilaEncounters tweets

Words by Kathlene Masilongan
Featured Image by @porkironandwine

I love when people get their creative juices flowing. As a frustrated fantasy writer, stumbling upon the #ManilaEncounters hashtag somehow awakened my hibernating brain and made me look at the city which, on most days, only serves as a backdrop for my mundane life.

I’m not sure how the hashtag started but when I first came upon it, it was being used to share everyone’s unusual Manila encounters but it gradually evolved into a celebration of this not so Alternate Universe Manila. Here are some of the best tweets from the hashtag that will make you look at the metro in a totally different way–complete with magical beings, shadows in the night, and even the good old historical hugot.

Illustration by @porkironandwine on Twitter

1. The millennial albularyo

2. Libingan ng mga bayani

3. Diwatas are sly creatures

4. Tagu-taguan, maliwanag ang buwan

5. Maginhawa who?

6. In short: traffic

7. Titas of Manila, unite!

8. A new take on realism

9. Tao nga ba?

10. Go to Gilmore for all of your reformatting needs

11. The spirit of Manila

12. Better cover up

13. Waze can only do so much

14. For all the Starbucks lovers

15. Saksak puso, tulo ang dugo

16. Night classes are something else

17. We’ve all heard this story before

18. The only friend you’ll ever need

19. Second-hand camera for sale!

20. That’s why they closed it

There are still so many fun and creative stories in the #ManilaEncounters hashtag on Twitter! Couldn’t sleep at night? Stuck in traffic? This hashtag is a gift that keeps on giving, accompanying you through the twists and turns of Manila. I could fill a whole website with these entries because they’re all so good. Visit the hashtag if you have the time!

What are your favorite #ManilaEncounters entries? Do you have your own?



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