You Won’t Believe What The Hound From Game of Thrones Looks Like IRL

Game of Thrones isn’t one to scrimp on production costs — aside from the astonishing locations they employ for the series, they’re amazing at transforming actors into the characters we know onscreen, that they’re even unrecognizable in real life (except for that recycled Viserys wig for Rhaegar. Boo.).

Take a look for example at Sandor Clegane, aka the Hound on Game of Thrones. The Hound is played by Rory McCann, a Scottish actor and musician, and in case you haven’t seen what he looks like off-duty, Rory and his character are pretty much like two different people.

In fact,  according to an interview with Access Hollywood, McCann said that when the show first started, it took so much work to put on his makeup to turn into Clegane — three and a half hours, to be specific. Seven seasons in, the makeup artists have known better, now using a shortcut that cut the time in half. Phew!

To confuse you even further, here’s a young Rory McCann in a porridge commercial years back:


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