You Now Have a Chance To Buy Hannah Montana’s Outfits and Other Memorabilia From the Show

Are you ready to live the best of both worlds with authentic Hannah Montana merchandise?

An upcoming Hannah Montana auction in commemoration of the show’s 13th anniversary is happening this May where clothes, props, and other memorabilia will be made available for fans to buy.

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

Some of the items that will be auctioned off, according to Rolling Stones, are costumes she wore during the show, including “a customized black satin jacket monogrammed “Miley” in the front and “M” on the back, a shocking pink tank top, pleated skirt, and rose/white striped knee-high socks” ensemble.

Items other than clothing will also be up for sale, including a Stratocaster style electric guitar, jewelry, backstage passes, and various personal handwritten notes by Miley herself.

These memorabilia won’t be sold for cheap, however, with the cheapest estimated price being at $300. But such is the price to pay for those who want a piece of this iconic show!

The best part of the auction is that proceeds will go to a charity called Wilder Minds, which aims to help the world’s at-risk animals.

The auction will take place online and at New York’s Hard Rock Cafe on May 18.

Which of Hannah Montana’s stuff would you like to own?