You Don’t Want Your Precious Car to Be Towed Like This

Buying a car isn’t just like buying pancakes. You save up for it really hard and probably take out a loan to already make the purchase. So, of course, you would want to care so much for it because it’s your hard-earned money.

So, how would you feel if you see your car get towed like the one on the video below?


The video was found on the Mocha Girls’ Facebook Page with the caption below:

Maiba tau lalabz, nakakaawa kasi yung may ari ng Car nato, pinag ipunan nya aut pinag hirapan tapos ganyan lang gagawin ng towing service, share nyo nalang para makaabot sa kinauukulan, dpo kami kumuha ng video nakita lang po namin sa FB

This happened @ Quezon City. 
via M. Bayombong Panay Ave.

Rough translation: We pity the owner of this car. He/she saved up hard for this then it will only be towed this way. Please share this video until it reaches proper authorities. We didn’t take the video, we just found it on Facebook.

Let’s share this as well to reach authorities who can address this issue. 

So, how would you feel if it were your car?