You Don’t Have to Beat Yourself Up for Not Creating Art All the Time

Saturday morning feels like an endless fall into a social media pit. That fall even drags on until the sun glitters against my window. Time zooms past me—it’s how things are—like a blink of an eye. The day just ended. I promised myself that I would finish my long list of activities aimed to boost my productivity. I guess that didn’t work.

A workday without the usual hustle feels like I’m being thrown into a rabbit hole full of uncertainties and shrinking self-esteem. I feel like a floating bottle in the middle of the ocean. A message without a reader—no assurance of ever getting back to the shore. To dismiss the thought, I push through with my non-existent list and fill that up with random deadlines. 

The article must be up by tonight. Figure out the title. You can never have enough work. Do some editing backlogs. Write a random poem. Find things to fill up space. Don’t be a clutter rock in a busy galaxy.

Dealing with fruitless hours feel like a magnet against a wall of sand. An illusion that out of the million seconds, you’ll find something to do. You sit in front of the computer thinking of the next word to type, but you can’t or maybe you can. However, the questions of storytelling are another thing. You can type words out of futile effort to end up with the same quiet situation.

Dull days are not as rare anymore. It’s everywhere. It’s affecting everyone, but not everyone shows it. It can be hidden by a casual post of an aesthetic book beside a piping hot coffee. A photo of a plant you were supposedly taking care of, but you don’t even own it. These posts give everyone a false sense of busy stature. Faking it till you make another art worthy to be appreciated.

The thing is…dull days is not bad at all. It shouldn’t even be an issue. It’s okay to have a nice, quiet day. It’s okay if you can’t find the right words to express how you feel about the day. It’s okay to have a day off the busy road to success. It’s okay to be boring. There’s no productivity police that’s going to hunt you down.

Everyone deserves a break.

We don’t have to beat up ourselves for not creating art all the time. Some days we’re okay and more often than we admit, we’re not. So, just relax and let time heal you.


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