You Could Live Out Your Star Wars Fantasies Soon

Looks like Star Wars fans will have a lot to look forward to when Star Wars Land opens at Disney World in 2019!

Disney Star Wars 2

One of the teases showing what we could expect from the park seems particularly promising — it seems that there could be a starship-inspired resort in Star Wars Land!

Disney Star Wars

Concept art of the proposed resort show the impeccably themed lobby, guest rooms, and other areas of the resort, which have the feel of the ships in the Star Wars movies.

Fans have more to look forward to: not only do guests get to stay in a Star Wars-themed hotel, they also get to experience living in an intergalactic universe. With a fee of roughly $900 to $1,000, guests can experience a two-day story set in the “Star Wars” realm, interaction with the “Star Wars” characters, as well as exciting activities such as flight training, ship exploration, lightsaber training, and secret missions!

This sounds like a vacation of a lifetime. Take my money, please!

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