You Can’t Handle This Kind of Sexy: Sultry’s Exotic Pole Dance Battle

Written by Annika Villarroel
Photos by Giovanni Estimada 

Growing up, I never thought that a pole could be used for anything other than some display of half-naked women, or maybe even firemen as they rush down to get to their emergency. Leave it to 21 fantastic contestants to prove me, and the rest of the non-believers, wrong. Pole dancing is not only an art, but a way of life, and is quickly becoming one of the most powerful outlets of self-expression.

It’s often a misconception that pole dancing is only used for raunchy, naughty displays of women that often cause them to be ashamed of what they do, but thankfully we live in a generation where this couldn’t be more wrong. Pole dancing is the modern fitness craze that combines athleticism, gymnastics, acrobatics and strength training to a whole other level–both of which more girls and girls at heart, are falling for every single day. It’s the new route to get fit, show an insane amount of dedication, while still being undeniably sexy and slayin’. Who run the world (in extreme killer heels)? Girls!

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Ballet shares similar traits, working towards executing moves flawlessly while pole dancing interprets the art form and bends the meaning of grace, strength, and balance–through dance. What’s different between the two is that most people think the trait of being wholesome is exclusive to the art of ballet, but on Sultry’s dance floor and with the grace of these talented contestants, it was all so, dare I say, pure?



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Sultry’s International Exotic Pole Dance Battle hosted by Chrome Divas Pole Dance & Fitness Studio is the first of its kind in the country held earlier this May in Teatrino Promenade, Greenhills where 21 talented competitors from seven countries (Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Russia) sexy battled their way in the amateur, semi-professional and professional portions of the show–where lace, spandex, metal-clad contestants danced their way into the audience and the judges’ hearts all in one night.


The judges for this competition were the following:

  • Eva Bembo – Russia
  • Andre – Australia
  • Melody Rose – Hong Kong
  • Jamaica Jornacion – Philippines
  • Christina Dy – Philippines


Throughout the show, each contestant flaunted their signature twists and turns around the pole, along with floor work that blended into a truly fantastic masterpiece. They showed magnificent skill and Hulk-esque strength in performing. Real artisans who knew their craft, and damn they knew it well! Alas it is a competition and a competition would not be complete without a winner!

The winners of the competition were the following: 

  • Amateur Division: Runner up – Linc Sparkle & Coyi Barbie, Champion – Black Widow
  • Semi-Pro Division: Runner up – Uniqbird-K, Champion – Suen
  • Professional Division: Runner up – Elena, Champion – Vylette
  • Overall Champion: Vylette


All seven of the fabulous winners got tons of loot from the sponsors such as gift bags, bembo clothing (given by Eva Bembo), and of course their plaques, trophies, and bouquets to finish off their glamorous victory!

After witnessing such powerful women combine skill and sexiness into one hell of a performance, it really begs the question–what am I wasting my time on? We need to step up our game!

What makes you feel like you run the world? Share it with us in the comments below! 


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