You Can Now Use Your Phone to Identify Plants

You Can Now Use Your Phone to Identify Plants

Are you one of those people who stop in the street to smell the flowers? If so, you might be happy to hear that you can now use your smartphone to identify plants.

The PlantNet app is essentially a large social network where users can upload pictures and information about a certain plant. Users can simply take a photo of an unidentified plant and let PlantNet’s visualization software recognize the species.

To date, the app recognizes 4,100 species of plants in France, but it is growing by the day.

PlantNet was developed by Cirad, IRA, Inria/IRD, and the Tela Botanica Network, research organizations based in France.

The app is important for hikers and chefs who want to identify safe plants, as well as hobbyists who want to discover the 400,000 flowering plant species in the world. An edible database is also in the works.

PlantNet is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Watch the video explaining the app below:

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