You Can Now Tweet Or Viber MMDA About Parking Violators

Mabuhay Lanes were assigned to divert traffic from congested roads to less congested streets in Metro Manila. However, it appears that this isn’t working out pretty well because there are vehicles illegally parked on these lanes or obstructions can be found along them.

To address this issue, the Metropolitan Manila Development Association (MMDA) seeks help from netizens by sending them a tweet or a viber message about illegally parked vehicles or any obstructions along Mabuhay Lanes.

To do this, you can message MMDA (Viber number: 09061476975) on Viber:

MMDA Tweet Viber (1)

Or you can tweet @MMDA:

MMDA Tweet Viber (2)

Spread the word so everyone will know how to reach MMDA about these illegally parked vehicles and/or obstructions on Mabuhay Lanes.