You Can Now Make GIFs on Facebook

If you’ve only just gotten yourself addicted to Facebook Stories and its visual status updates, then you’ve got another thing coming: Facebook just rolled out another feature, and this time, it’s for making GIFs.

happy gif

The new feature on the popular social media platform allows users to make short “GIFs” using the in-app camera. One could customize the GIF using several frames and filters, which you could share on Facebook as well.

To access the interface, just simply tap the camera icon on the app and then swipe right to make GIFs.

Although Facebook hasn’t made any public announcement about this new feature, this comes as no surprise given the surge in popularity of GIFs on the platform. Facebook has even introduced Giphy-powered features on its app, and made it possible to comment using GIFs.

Don’t think about it as a new GIF-making app, though — the GIF can only be shared on Facebook. Once you save it on your device, it becomes a video.

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