You Can Now Load Your Beep Card, AutoSweep and EasyTrip RFID Online and on Mobile

We all spend so much time in traffic and if we can save a few minutes of our time, that can multiply to hours or days in our lifetime, that’s why BPI is answering the woes of it’s customers with the new features of thei BPI App.

In a Press Lunch, BPI Chief Operating Officer Ramon L. Jocson shared that BPI is really building and improving their ecosystem to make sure that their customers have a seamless experience. He shares that digitizing their bank ensures that their brand stays relevant through the changing landscape of the financial industry.

BPI’s Digital Transformation includes designing and innovating their bank processes to make sure that their customers save time and get the convenience of doing different transactions online or on mobile. Though there are only more than 42% of customers who use digital banking for BPI, they wishes to convert the others too.

Since many Filipino’s spend more than half of their days on the road, BPI is pushing their digital services like loading for Beep Card, AutoSweep and EasyTrip RFID’s.

Aside from the Beep Card, AutoSweep and EasyTrip RFID’s. Other partners wallets that can be loaded through the BPI App are GCash, Lazada and Paymaya.

Soon, you can also talk to BEA (BPI Express Assist) on the app. The voice-activated feature are in the works and are going through testing to make sure that once it’s available, it will give more convenience for the customers. Via BEA, you can check balances, transfer funds and pay your BPI accounts.

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