You Can Now Get Thermage and Whitening Services at Home

The pandemic caused a lot of stress to many of us and as the economy slowly open up, more and more people are getting confident in going out and getting their much-needed beauty treatments.

MassageMNL now offers Thermage and intimate area whitening services right at the comforts of your own home. “We are also launching Beauty by MassageMNL that offers intimate whitening technology and thermage… for now”, Janine shared.

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Since MassageMNL is already offering wellness services at home, they are now adding new services so their loyal clientele can stay at home while getting the treatments they need. It is also an answer to the clients requests.

The Thermage FLX 5G is the perfect treatment for anti-aging, contouring of loose saggy skin and get rid of fine lines. A customer would only need 1 treatment and has little to no down time. Through the radiofrequency’s mild and controlled heating to help in collagen production and create a smooth and tighter skin.

“The services we offer are tried and tested to make sure that our clients will have a great experience. We have trained our staff thoroughly to bring these expert services and for it to be up to par in the services they can get in the physical clinics”, explained Janine.


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They also have intimate whitening technology for those who are planning to hit the beach for the upcoming holidays. They can get these services along with their massage or on its own.

Aside from the beauty services, MassageMNL also launched their KHOZY package which includes a full spa set-up from massage beds, towels, bathrobes, speakers, and humidifier. You also have an option to add a full-body scrub for 2pax. It is perfect for couples, mother-daughter, sisters and even besties!

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“We are launching more services to cater to a bigger market. We’ve been researching and testing services to make sure that the new offerings will gain traction to new customers as well”, Janine shared.

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