You Can Now Get a Taste of Peru Right Here in Manila

Words by Ryanne Co
Photos by Mielyne Rayos

I think we can all agree that Chinese lauriat dinners and American style hotdogs, while delicious, are a little “been there, done that”. We all know and love our comfort food, but what happens when you want to be a little more adventurous? The answer to that question, my friends, is to go straight to Pioneer Center in Pasig and try some of Don Andres’ Peruvian food

Revived by two of the original restaurant’s best customers, the Don Andres along Pioneer street is nothing short of traditional, boasting of imported Peruvian peppers and a loyal following from within the small Latino community in the city. The food is spicy, exciting, and bold, but never too oily or overwhelming.

Don Andres - Peruvian Kitchen - Mielyne (5)Choros a la Chalaca, Peruvian mussels with citrus corn salsa

Don Andres - Peruvian Kitchen - Mielyne (8)The star of the night, sliced octopus in citrus juice and Botija olive sauce aka Pulpo al Olivo 

Don Andres - Peruvian Kitchen - Mielyne (1)Ceviche de Pescado, one of my personal favorites. Mahi mahi fish cured in citrus juice with yellow chili sauce.

Don Andres - Peruvian Kitchen - Mielyne (13)What would the night be without a whole chicken? This is a Peruvian rotisserie chicken with three kinds of dipping sauce. Perfect to share!

Don Andres - Peruvian Kitchen - Mielyne (10)Arroz con Mariscos is seafood rice simmered in wine sauce, similar to our favorite Spanish paella.

Don Andres - Peruvian Kitchen - Mielyne (16)BBQ baby back ribs for when you want some comfort food to go with your ceviche.

Also, because Don Andres serves Peruvian to Pinoy tastebuds,  expect a surprise new addition to their menu soon! Hint: it’s their version of our favorite pulutan, a food that Anthony Bourdain himself predicts will be the next big thing.

Wait! Dinner isn’t over just yet! We still have dessert, and having a huge sweet tooth myself, I was more than excited to try out some of Don Andres’ famous Tres Leches cake!

Don Andres - Peruvian Kitchen - Mielyne (19)Tres Leches cake with sugar swirls on top! Goes incredibly well with black coffee for those after-dinner conversations.

Congratulations to Don Andres for opening their exciting new restaurant in one of Metro Manila’s favorite foodie places. We can’t wait to go back for more!

Don Andres

Pioneer Center Supermart, Pioneer Street, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Instagram: @daperuviankitchen