You Can Now Enter The Forbidden Forest At The Harry Potter Studio Tour

Potterheads: Has the Forbidden Forest ever piqued your interest? Ever wondered what other kinds of magical creatures lurk in its dark shadows?

Harry Potter Forbidden Forest

Despite Dumbledore’s warnings that the Forbidden Forest is off-limits, it never stopped Harry, Ron and Hermione against their better judgment to go into the forest, so why should it stop us? Fortunately, Warner Bros has just added this as a new attraction to their Harry Potter studio tour, so visitors should brace themselves for a thrilling experience!

The attraction opens on March 31, which means fans can follow the spiders (“Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be ‘follow the butterflies’?”) as they go deeper into the forest. Hagrid will guide you to the heart of the forest, where you can meet Buckbeak and bow down to him!

And of course, what is the Forbidden Forest without the terrifying Aragog?

That’s right, the 18-foot spider will make a terrifying appearance as he crawls out of his lair, so watch out!

For those still gathering the courage to go, the Forbidden Forest will be a permanent attraction, so you’ve got all the time to prepare yourself.

Thoughts on this? Would you like to visit the Forbidden Forest?