You Can Donate Your Unused Make-up to this Organization for a Good Cause

Words by Kelly Punzalan

Attention all make-up enthusiasts! Do you have unused products collecting dust in your drawers and on your vanity? If you’re a shopaholic with slight hoarding tendencies like I am, it’s not unlikely for your make-up collection to grow too big in a short amount of time. Somehow, I always end up with way more than I need. I can’t help myself–I get sucked in by all the pretty packaging, and the new collections that come out every season certainly don’t help either.

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Thankfully, there’s an organization called The Foundation Foundation that accepts donations of unused and lightly used make-up products. You no longer have to keep that unflattering lipstick you bought or that foundation in the wrong shade that you received as a gift. The best part is that your donation will go to victims of human trafficking and help in their recovery.

The Foundation Foundation is a Christian non-profit organization that originated in Vancouver, Canada. The idea inspired a group of beauty enthusiasts here in the Philippines, and they reached out to start a chapter here in Manila. With a mission of empowering women–most especially, survivors of trafficking–they hope to “bring a message of healing and hope with every swipe of lipstick.” This group believes that cosmetic products play an important role in the healing process for these survivors. Trafficking strips people of their dignity and can leave victims with emotional scars. Promoting personal care is how this organization helps these women regain confidence and learn the value of self-love. 

The official beneficiary of The Foundation Foundation is Wipe Every Tear, an organization that aims to provide trafficked women with opportunities to restore their lives through education and discipleship. The women who receive donations are girls and lady boys between the ages of 16 and 38, most of whom are pursuing high school and college degrees.

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They accept almost all cosmetic products (as long as they are new or gently used) including lipstick, lip balm, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blushes, foundation, and concealers. The Foundation Foundation also accepts toiletries, make-up tools, feminine hygiene products, and monetary donations.

For more information on their donation guidelines and how you can be involved in their advocacy, you may visit their Facebook page.

The Foundation Foundation

1000 Manila, Philippines