You’ve been Framed: The PEPE JEANS EYEWEAR (University Collection)


When In Manila, isn’t it annoying when you forget your sunglasses and it’s so sunny? You squint and see everyone else wear theirs and you wish you had remembered to bring yours. Other days it may be cloudy and you’ll say, “Good, I don’t need my sunglasses”. But at the end of the day, Mr. Sun King will poke through and there you are, saying you should’ve brought one. Should I reiterate that a sunglass is a bag staple? While it’s true that sunglasses can complete your outfit or even define your whole look, they also have a more practical purpose: protecting your peepers from the harmful effects of the sun. I have been a regular sunglasses wearer and is  really into shades that tickle my fancy. I was on a hunt for a pair of shades that is lightweight, durable and affordable but ready to exude some serious attitude.





PEPE JEANS LONDON is a famous British brand, known for its trendy and youthful aesthetic takes Manila by storm, introducing sunglasses especially made for students. PEPE JEANS EYEWEAR launches the first ever limited UNIVERSITY COLLECTION, specially made for the hip Filipino youth. It features the much-loved Wayfarer in 4 different colours. Choose from Red, Blue, Green or Yellow and match it with your school spirit.


 pepe jeans eyewear university collection when in manila


With its youthful designs, colors and price range, PEPE JEANS caters mainly caters to the youth market. We wanted to leverage on that and launch a collection using the iconic Wayfarer style in a variety of school colours, a concept that has yet to be done in the industry”, said Rosella Lopez, Pepe Jeans Eyewear Brand Manager.


Recently, I got hold of the PEPE JEANS EYEWEAR : University Collection. Seeing the label University made me raised my eyebrows and thought of: What if this is suited only for students, college ones in particular? When I opened the case, the Yellow Wayfarer style Eyewear was such a charmer. Just a reminder that I am not in any way connected with UST okay 🙂 It just so happened that I chose yellow for this shades.


 pepe jeans eyewear university collection when in manila1


I was glad that this collection has departed from the traditional ones. If you’re considering buying Wayfarer shades that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, this is dope. Sure Wayfarer may always have that classic appeal but at the same time, be careful when it comes to fit. The Pepe Jeans Eyewear (UC) Wayfarer is substantially smaller than the old classic style, as well as being a tad more modern, not dominating the face as the old style does. This new pair of shades will make you feel really suave and styling and can accessorize any outfit to make you look like you’re wearing something entirely different.






This one possesses the classic yet stunning design only from Pepe Jeans.  Fixed tint sunglass lenses that remain as a fixed colour and do not adapt to changes in light conditions. The dark tint sunglasses provide high sun glare protection and good UV protection.


Filter Category 3 Dark Tint Sunglasses – The number is a reference to the tint of the lenses. It does not affect the UV filter though. Most sunglasses are category 3 and work well in full sunlight.


UVA / UVB Protection 100 % (Pepe Jeans Sunglasses comply w/ British Standard) – Always choose sunglasses that block 99-100 % of both UVA and UVB rays. Skip those which are labeled “cosmetic” and those that don’t offer specific details on UV protection.


For me, however, the real test of whether eyewear becomes a ‘performer’ or not, is how versatile it is.   But much to my surprise, during my first run with them, I was extremely satisfied. I tested them with different categories:






First off,  why Wayfarer? C’mon, they never really went completely out of style, they are edgy, fierce and cool at the same time. It’s actually up to the wearer on how you’d make it all work. I mean really! They are absolutely timeless (in style since the 80’s! ) and complimenting to almost every shape face.


The Wayfarer Style is perfect for people who don’t like the larger lenses. Personally, I love the larger lenses because I feel like they cover my face much better, and there is no way that the sun is sneaking past my peepers. Wayfarers always have tickled my fancy and aside from it being a killer accessory, it’s practical to carry one in my bag every day. The classic style looks good on just about anyone. They can be worn by men and women. Their wide and angular shape can complement just about anything. Plus, they come in many colours!




The design matches its quality with its sleek, simple yet streamlined design.  This one’s well made, exhibits a simple workmanship. The logo doesn’t look like crap or not in any way looks like a replica. None of those bling bling, Swarovski accentuates or whatsoever. Just pure minimalist design. The simplicity of its design complements one’s face structure. It even gives the illusion that I have a slimmer face. The thin plastic frame is so friendly that it doesn’t hurt my face and around my ears when worn.




The frame is averagely sturdy, lightweight and doesn’t make squeaky noises when you fold the glasses to store them. You know how annoying they can get right? Since I have long hair, a minor but very much appreciated feature is the shades’ bridge design.  You can see in the photo that the bridge has no  rubber pads that keep them in place but it does not cause a gnarly tangle when I put them on top of my head  (definitely not so cool when you have to bother friends and strangers just to remove sunglasses from your hair eh?!).




How well it stayed firmly in place? This is a big deal since I have a round face and tend to get the dreaded ‘bounce’ most of the time.  Very lightweight and perfectly tinted–not too dark or too light. Quality of a much more expensive product for a good price. Once I put them on, I realized that they were worth it. The plastic that they’re made out of is really durable, lightweight and not overwhelming. The joints that hold the frames together are also put together really well. Initially, it took me awhile to get used to having smaller lenses on my sunglasses, but the Pepe Jeans Eyewear just looked great. The lenses are significantly shorter so it provided me with great cheek clearance when I smile. These glasses are perfect for those with petite faces or if you prefer slimmer lenses.


Amount of Coverage


The shades protected me from the side-glare. Unlike other sunglasses, there is enough clearance that my eyelashes don’t brush against the lenses. My mascara doesn’t want to have any relationship with lenses of any kind alright. I like sunglasses that frame my face completely, and this does the job. These fit like a glove and aren’t so big I looked like one bug-eyed woman. I was pleased by the way glare was reduced while keeping a clear and sharp image as well. Clarity wise, it’s a plus.


Weather Adaptation


When I get a good, snug fit shades with a great coverage, the downside arrives when it becomes “fog gable”.  I never had to pull the sunglasses down my nose just to clear the lens.




The lenses protect my eyes from the sun very well as this has high UV rating. It is critical that you settle for one that will be able to give you excellent UV protection. Remember that sun exposure contribute to the development of cataracts as well as other eye disorders. Block those harmful eye irritants as early as now.




Ah, one of my favourite categories when choosing sunglasses. I bet yours too?  This versatile performance eyewear retails for just.   With this, you don’t need to shell out twice the equivalent of a monthly house rental in exchange for a wardrobe of great eye protection. While initially I thought they were pricey, they’re not! They are sold at a very friendly price ( <Php3K!).  They are so comfortable you would not think twice getting one. Best part is, I even tend to forget I have them on. Awesome deal.


pepe jeans eyewear when in manila university collection


This is over-all a great gear. For its price, I say it’s a STEAL! I am extremely satisfied with this eyewear. They fit me perfectly and keep my eyes protected. Definitely worth it. Functionally, they look and feel awesome.


It doesn’t matter whether you want to look sexy or save your eyes, a new pair of sunglasses is a great investment. Grab this affordable pair When in Manila. You will put them on and never want to take them off I bet ya. Time to get your PEPE JEANS EYEWEAR: University Collection style on, jazz up your look and who knows you may even keep your paparazzi at bay.


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PEPE JEANS EYEWEAR: University Collection retails at PHP 2,190.00. Exclusively distributed by Branded Lifestyle, Inc. and is available in all SM Dept. Stores, Robinson’s Dept. Stores, Landmark, The Optical Shop, Sarabia Optical, George Optical and all other leading optical shops in Metro Manila.