Yogurt Milk Tea: The Next Craze?

This year has made us very aware of two things. 1) health is very critical and 2) we all need that extra income. This pandemic has shown us how uncertain the future is, and that it pays to be prepared. In what seemed like just a snap, the whole world turned upside down, and businesses were stripped to essentials goods and services. 

Fortunately, small online businesses have sprung up everywhere, which have been very helpful for the economy to run again. Consumers are now supporting local online businesses, too. If you’re looking for a sign to start one, this is your chance!

When starting a business in the new normal, you need to consider the sustainability of the product. Ideally, you should go with essentials (like food), and somehow touch on health.

Why yogurt?

Yogurt is more versatile than you may think as it can add a new experience to certain products. Plus, it is important to offer something new, unique, and exciting to your customers during the current situation now. The milk tea craze is still going strong to this day, too; and people really value experience when it comes to their drinks.

YoWell Philippines is a local manufacturer of fresh quality yogurt that is powered with billions of active lactobacillus probiotics that help with one’s regularity and immune system. This is important because 70% of our immune system lies in our gut. Not all yogurts have active probiotics that can survive in our stomachs.

Yowell Milk Tea 4

Photo from YoWell Philippines

Aside from that, YoWell is also fortified with Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, calcium and zinc – all essential vitamins and minerals to fight against viruses. Because it is locally manufactured, each bottle cost only Php120 per 1-liter bottle, making health affordable to everyone.

Startup businesses are seeing the potential of YoWell, and have started their own yogurt-based businesses, too. This was shared by one of YoWell’s customers, for instance:

Yowell Milk Tea 2

Photo by Louise Lorenzo of MLK Habit

It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also irresistibly refreshing and delicious! Not to mention, it’s healthy! “We owe it to our customers to take care of their health and serve good and nutritious products,” YoWell states. 

Here are some menu ideas that you can try even while working from home:

Fruit Yogurt Drinks

YoWell Fruit Yogurt Costing for Mango Slush

Potential Selling Price: Php70 pesos / Profit per cup: Php30

If you sell 50 cups a day, you’ll make a clean profit of Php1,500 per day!

Yowell Milk Tea 3

Photo from YoWell Philippines

Yogurt Milk Tea

You can also make Yogurt Milk Tea by adding milk tea syrup from inJoy Philippines:

Fruit Yogurt Costing Strawberry YogurtYoWell Fruit Yogurt Costing for Strawberry Yogurt

Potential Selling Price: Php60 / Profit per cup: Php35

If you sell 50 cups per day, you’ll make a clean profit of Php1,750 per day – with no hassle and just from the convenience of your own home!

Click here to check out the Yowell recipes we’ve tried and loved so far.

The sky’s the limit with the yogurt drink recipes you can do with YoWell yogurt – guaranteed refreshing and delicious that your customers will come back to again and again!

It can also be used for meals like yogurt fruit salads, yogurt macaroni, and more. What are you waiting for? You can make it your family’s daily habit or start your own yogurt business with it!

For more recipes and updates, check out their social media accounts below!

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