Yiippee: A Great Place to Bond with Your Children and Enhance Their Creativity

Ever struggle to look for a place where you can bond with your children? While there are a lot of places in the metro where you can leave your kids while they play or watch them play, there aren’t many where you can truly bond and enhance their creativity at the same time in a more intimate way.

Yiippee 1

Much like bonding with your children at home, Yiippee in Ayala Malls the 30th helps you bond with your kids in an intimate manner. Probably the only difference is that you can shop for creative kids’ products afterwards, ensuring that you go home with items that your children will love.

Yiippee 6

The store in itself looks very welcoming, and your kids are sure to fall in love with it at first sight.

Yiippee 2

We spot some Pokemon toys for sale!Yiippee 3

As a kid, I remember LOVING notebooks like these that felt more personalized and fun, and got rid of the notion that studying and learning had to be boring and monotonous. Your kids are sure to love the different notebook covers at Yiippee.

Yiippee 4

Here’s how it works: basically, you can create your very own notebook for just Php199. To start, just choose a cute cover, and then mix and match six inner leaf designs before finally choosing a ring binder to bind your notebook with! Your kids will end up with the perfect notebooks that match your personalities. Of course, you can get one (or a few) for yourself, too!

Yiippee 5

Colorful pens to bring color to your life!Yiippee 10

Your kids can put their artwork on display here.Yiippee 9

More artsy stuff for sale!
Yiippee 8

Pokemon everywhere!Yiippee 7

This local brand doesn’t just aim to foster fun and imagination, but also hopes to create memorable bonding moments between parents and their kids. As such, they have several nooks where you can unleash your creativity with your kids, like this wall where they can doodle their art and practice their writing skills.
Yiippee 11 1

Some of the doodles of the little creators!

Yiippee 12

How cute is this?

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are in the area or purposely go there to bond with your kids, Yiippee is a great alternative to regular play areas where kids just run around and play. Plus, they won’t be sweating or hurting themselves in here in any way. 🙂 Make sure to check it out soon! We’ll show you the items that we got from the store in a separate article soon, as well. 🙂


Ground Floor, Ayala 30th Mall, Pasig