Yiippee: Fun and Creativity Continues at Home

We wrote about Yiippee before and how the store proves to be a great place to bond with your children and enhance their creativity. Well, the bonding and the creativity does not need to end in the store.

Do some shopping with your kids at Yiippee and continue the fun at home.

Check out some of the things that we got from Yiippee:

Yiippee 6

This cute pencil case can house more than just the basics. Plus, it’s super cute. We also got some liquid chalk and pastel gel pens for more creative fun!

Yiippee 5

Color Change Markers! When I was a kid, I remember how cool I thought these markers were. Now that I have a kid of my own, it’s nice to relive that feeling by seeing the wonder in her eyes whenever she draws over her writing and drawing with the white markers.

Watch those colours change before your very eyes!

Yiippee 4

At Yiippee, you can get stuff for yourself, too. I had been looking for a cute notebook to motivate me during my everyday lessons and I found this adorable unicorn notebook. I added some pastel gel pens for good measure because what good is a cute notebook if your notes aren’t cute, as well? :p You can actually create your very own notebooks at the store for only Php199, so customize away!

Yiippee 3

My daughter got these adorable erasers, too. They look like mini versions of food – too cute!

Yiippee 2

In the mood to get really creative? Yiippee has polymer clay on-hand, which you can use to create all sorts of fun and original creations.

Yiippee 1

My daughter absolutely loves this foldable water bottle, as well. She shows it off in her gymnastics class all the time because it’s not just colourful, but also very light and handy.

Make sure to visit Yiippee at Ayala 30th Mall in Pasig! We’re sure you’ll find some great finds there for Christmas gifts for your kids and your inaanaks!


Ground Floor, Ayala 30th Mall, Pasig