Yes, You Should Teach Your Kids How to Code—Here’s Why

Written by Gabriella Mercado

‘Raising Generation Z’ was a conference/expo that took place in SM Aura Premier SMX Convention Center. One of the speakers, Cris Tagle, the CEO of Zynappse Corporation, shared how important it was to teach your kids how to code. These days, Computer Science is showing up in the workforce with more job opportunities and big paychecks. But that’s not all. There are more benefits to why your kids need to learn how to code today.

Photo by Gabriella Mercado

It empowers them

With coding, kids can turn their creativity into an interactive learning session. They can freely express themselves and create their very own toy they can play around with.

It helps develop their critical thinking skills

Programming involves a lot of trial and error that helps develop critical thinking skills they can use in everyday life. They will learn how to manage not only small, manageable ones but big tasks too. Honing their problem-thinking skills will also help them analyze different situations.

Coding is the new ABC of Generation Z

These days, there is a growing number of tasks and jobs that rely on software and software development. Because of that, Computer Science has become one of the fastest growing occupations around the world nowadays.

It gives them an edge

Technology is fast-advancing these days, and having the knowledge of how to code would enhance their computational and analytical-thinking skills. Can you imagine the edge they could have in the workforce if they know how to code?

Make coding a bonding session between you and your kids—try out Scratch! Scratch is an online community where you can create your own games and animations, and share your work with others. Check it out here:

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