Yes, There’s a Thing Called Harry Potter Yoga

If you’re looking for the motivation to work out, we might have it for you: there’s now a thing called Harry Potter yoga, and it looks magical.

The classes are a modified version of  a vinsaya class regularly offered by Pints and Poses at Circle Brewing Co. in Texas, USA.

Attendees get to stretch their bodies while holding a wand, and they do Harry Potter-inspired poses such as the cat/cow transfigurations, the Whomping Willow, and other poses that double as conjuring a Patronus to ward off a dementor.

During the class, the instructor addresses them as Dumbledore’s Army and uses themed encouragements, like “Imagine you’re sitting on the Hogwarts Express.”

As they cool down, the instructor reads passages from The Deathly Hallows while the attendees rest under their yoga blankets, called the Invisibility Cloak.

After the class, attendees can enjoy a wizarding beer and potion station, which has a Mandrake garden, a “Have you seen this wizard?” photo frame, a Sorting Hat, and cookies.

Should we do something like this here in the Philippines? Share your thoughts below!

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