Yeongyang Hansik Lets You Experience the Best of K-Pop and Korean Eats

The Korean Wave isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Dubbed as “Hallyu” by Beijing journalists in the 90s, it is strongly driven by the spread of all things Korean into the global landscape – may it be fashion, film, cosmetics, music, or food. The popularity of their culture is just irrefutable.

Remember when K-Pop and K-dramas first became a sensation here in the Philippines? Yup. I bet you dance to the beats of “Fantastic Baby,” and “Momoland,” and secretly dig the lead character of “Goblin.” 

They have our interest, and you know it.

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But so much about that. Let’s talk about Korean eats, because how can we not?? Korean food basically highlights nutrition, cooking science, and culture. That much we know. Did you ever guess there’s more to their dishes than just BBQ and kimchi?

If you want the best of both worlds, you should try Yeongyang Hansik in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. The restaurant gives you a superb dining experience, with their authentic and healthy Korean gourmet, and KPOP-friendly place.

It stands out at Madison Commons Food Park.

yeongyang karl 21

According to their General Manager Richard Yu, Yeongyang Hansik started with humble beginnings, having been a small stall in a food bazaar before opening as a proper restaurant last August 2017. The place serves the Koreans-at-heart, health enthusiasts, and just about anyone who’s in it for the good food. In fact, this is also a well-loved restaurant of K-pop fans!

yeongyang karl 19

The K-pop vibe of Yeongyang Hansik (you’;; know it when you see it) attracts many fangirls and fanboys to come here. Some even hold their gatherings and events here because this becomes their mini dream land.

There are also K-Pop nights where cover groups dance to their idols’ songs or do screenings of K-videos or movies. Do you have a private function with your K-pop buddies? This is the best place to be!

yeongyang karl 3

yeongyang karl 16

Posters of Korean idols are plastered on the wall going up to the second floor.

yeongyang karl 8

They have a Hall of Fame, where you can hang your “hugot moments,” and take photos disguised as your favorite K-star!

yeongyang karl 7

There’s also wall displaying the top Korean films. Have you watched any of these?

Now, let’s get into foodie mode, shall we? The “best of both worlds” wouldn’t be complete without the food! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Photos of scrumptious temptations ahead!

yeongyang karl 9

MAIN: Tteokbokki w/ Cheese Php135 (add Php50 for cheese) | SIDE DISH: Kimchi, Braised Baby Potato, Fish Cake Php30 each

I’m not really a fan of spicy food, but Yeongyang Hansik’s Tteokbokki (make sure to get it with cheese!) is fiery sweet and spicy. This chewy rice cake dish makes for an appetizing snack, and will get you excited for the main course.

yeongyangfood 1

Eomuk Php99

If you’ve always wanted to take a stroll down the streets of Seoul for food, this Eomuk is for you.

yeongyang karl 11

Dakgangjeong P185 (add Php50 for cheese)

The Crispy Korean Fried Chicken is a crowd favorite, and is served in bite-sized goodness!

yeongyang karl 12

Dakgalbi Php349 (w/o cheese), Php649 (w/ cheese)

A spicy grilled chicken dish that tastes as fascinating as it looks. Dakgalbi is best shared as a warming meal on a cold night, but it’s also fun to eat in a night out with friends. Imagine having this with Soju! Yum! 

Thinking of the best drink to pair with your dish? Whatever you’re eating, have it with coolers.

yeongyang karl 20 1

Coolers (Mango Orange, Cucu-Moringa Lemonade, and Raspberry Lychee), Php70 each

The best one is Cucu-Moringa. Healthy and refreshing!

yeongyang karl 14

Korean Hotpot Php385 (serves 2-3 people)

A warm and tasty hotpot is real comfort food!

yeongyang karl 15

Samgyeopsal (Pork) Classic Php385, Others Php410
From upper left to right: Classic, Curry, Soy Garlic, Sweet & Spicy
From lower left to right: Teriyaki, Honey Glazed, Herbs

Don’t drool over this photo (though we can’t blame you). Yeongyang Hansik gives a different twist to the usual Samgyeopsal by offering 7 DIFFERENT FLAVORS! That means 7 DIFFERENT WAYS TO TRY KOREAN BBQ! Love! Their bestsellers are Classic, Sweet & Spicy, and Herbs. Make sure to try each one!


Just look at that meat! *heart eyes*

If you want to visit Yeongyang Hansik, here’s the map:

Yeongyang hansik

Yeongyang Hansik

Madison Commons, 1 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YeongyangHansikKoreanCuisine/

Instagram: @YeongyangHansik