Yassi Pressman Goes on a Solo Trip For the First Time Ever to Palawan

For the first time ever, Yassi Pressman flew solo as she traveled to El Nido, Palawan to explore the beautiful island.

She shared her experiences in her latest vlog, showing clips she took herself of her snorkeling, exploring caves, meeting monkeys, and beach bumming.

“This solo overnight weekend trip was spontaneously booked the night before, taking the earliest flight out of the city the next day, to reflect, to pray, and to be able to give myself the joy of doing something [I’ve] always wanted to do – Travel Alone,” Yassi wrote on the video description.

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At the end of the vlog, Yassi talked about how her solo trip gave her an opportunity to focus on her self and to reflect on her life.

“This experience made me learn so much not only about the place and the beautiful islands of El Nido, Palawan but also about myself,” she shared. “I had so much time to reflect, to appreciate, to pray and be grateful and think about how to take care of myself even more, and, of course, to take care of the environment.”

“[It’s] surprising how you truly find yourself in places you’ve never been before,” she added in writing in the video description.

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