WTF?! Is This Minions Toy Swearing?

For a few days now, there have been long lines in most McDonald’s because it seems like young and old customers want to get their hands on those cute Minions toys.

There has even been a pre-order period for these toys. People were able to reserve so they can get an entire set.

Some of these toys have “talent” with a few movable parts. While others “talk” with pre-recorded phrases.

However, making rounds on the Internet is a YouTube clip of a Minions toy that seems like it is swearing.

According to the YouTube clip, it might have said the phrases like “Well, I’ll be damned” and what is commonly abbreviated as “WTF”.

Here’s the video so you can judge for yourself.

However, some say that it could be just mishearing a similar-sounding phrase.

Furthermore, McDonald’s released a statement via NBC Chicago saying:

The Minion Caveman Happy Meal toy includes 3 sounds: “para la bukay,” “hahaha,” and “eh eh.”

We’re aware of a very small number of customers who have been in touch regarding this toy, and we regret any confusion or offense to those who may have misinterpreted its sounds. The allegation that this toy is saying anything offensive or profane is not true.

What do you think the Minions toy said?

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