The Bloggers’ Steak Blowout by Writer’s Block Philippines at Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops

When in Manila, many would definitely agree that you can never have too much steak! With the number of chicken and burger joints lined up along the busy street that is Katipunan, one can finally take a break from all the fast-food and head on over to Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops along Esteban Abada (right behind Katipunan) to enjoy savory steaks at a very affordable price. What makes their steaks unique is that they are slow and evenly-cooked inside a brick oven, which takes a lot more time and effort but comes out with the juiciest results.


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The story of Brickfire began when two biker friends, Tadi Diaz and Aaron Macalinao, riding along the Sierra Madre mountains both had an idea of bringing their comfort foods to life and opening a restaurant in which they could make use of their recipes. What was just an idea of building a steakhouse became concrete in November and last March, Tadi and Aaron together with business associate and marketing officer, Jowie Maulawin, finally opened Brickfire—catering to all the steak-lovers in the area, especially students from nearby schools like Ateneo, Miriam and UP, who crave for delicious meals at an incredibly reasonable price.


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Tadi Diaz, Jowie Maulawin, and Aaron Macalinao


Last May 29, 2012, Writer’s Block Philippines hosted a Bloggers’ Steak Blowout in Brickfire, where the cozy-looking restaurant treated its blogger friends to fork-tender steaks and other delectable dishes. It was a fun evening of games and meeting fellow bloggers, while enjoying the mouthwatering plates that kept on coming.


brickfire 6

Cheesy Nachos and Fries


brickfire 11

Broccoli Tex-Mex


brickfire 12

Tapsilog for the Breakfast All-Day


brickfire 13

Home-Made Corned Beef for the Breakfast All-Day


Brickfire offers quality choice cuts that come from locally sourced fresh beef. Their best-seller, the Duke (P250), serves everyone’s favorite part of the beef which is tenderloin. Its classic salt and pepper flavor seeps throughout the meat, making each bite as scrumptious as the next. The meat is so soft, cutting through it with a regular knife is so easy. Another favorite is Cowgirl Annie (P120), Brickfire’s own version of the T-bone steak. It comes in two flavors—the original flavor and the honey mustard, which is a combination of a sweet and sour taste. All steaks are accompanied with Brickfire’s original and home-made gravy, as well as a choice of fresh mashed potatoes or rice.


brickfire 9

The Duke


brickfire 8

Cowgirl Annie (Original Flavor)


brickfire 7

Cowgirl Annie (Honey Mustard Flavor)


Other house specialties include the Baked Fish, which is dory fish baked inside an aluminum foil. The yummy lemongrass fragrance makes the dish so exciting to eat! Los Indios was another interesting dish because of the distinct way it was served. An original recipe of adobo and rice wrapped in banana leaf that comes with egg and salad can definitely get you full for only P89!


brickfire 10

Baked Fish


brickfire 14

Los Indios


brickfire 15


brickfire 16


brickfire 17


When in Manila, don’t wait any longer and discover the fork-tender goodness that can only be found in Brickfire. It’s unquestionably a good place to bring family and friends, so head on over and make your way through its menu’s most-wanted list!


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With Brickfire’s Tadi, Aaron and Jowie, and Writer’s Block Philippines




Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops

2/F Xavier Residence Building, E. Abada corner R. Alvero Streets,

Loyola Heights, Quezon City

(02) 426-2254

(0917) 777-7034

Operating Hours: 6am to 10:45pm




The Bloggers’ Steak Blowout by Writer’s Block Philippines

at Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops