Wreck-it-Ralph’s Sequel Takes You a Tour Around the Internet While Teaching a Very Important Lesson

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue

The awaited sequel of Wreck-it-Ralph is finally here! Ralph Breaks the Internet is a fun and lighthearted movie, perfect for all ages. There are two reasons why you shouldn’t miss this movie. First, you just have to see Ralph and Vanellope’s journey through the internet. Their fun adventure will surely give you a laugh!

You’ll also be entertained with the way that different websites were presented in the movie. From Twitter to YouTube, and even eBay! You’ll wonder how the producers and writers were even able to come up with the different interpretations of it. And if you pay more attention to detail, you’ll even notice that there were even animated cameos of real life people, including Colleen Ballinger (also known as Miranda Sings) from YouTube!

One of my favorite scenes however (and probably a lot of others’ as well) was when Vanellope stumbled on to the Disney website. Here, she met the popular Disney princesses in their lounge room and talked about what it was like to be a princesses. It was very entertaining how they talked about their experiences, and the nostalgia from the different princess stories was truly something you should see!

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The second reason why you should also see this movie is because of the heartfelt message it gives us. The movie presents us with a very important message about friendship. The way it touches on a rarely talked about aspect of friendship is a way for everyone to understand its true meaning. Ralph Breaks the Internet makes use of Ralph and Vanellope’s challenges to portray what friendship should mean for a lot of us.

If you’re curious to know about what this important lesson is, or if you’re excited to see Ralph and Vanellope’s adventures in the internet, don’t forget to catch Ralph Breaks the Internet in a cinema near you. Also: don’t forget to stay through the credits to get a sneak peek of something fun!

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