WOW: Nearly a month after its temporary shutdown, this is how Boracay Island looks like NOW!

Are we back in the 80’s or 90’s, where one of the most pristine beaches in the world is enjoyed for its serenity and cleanliness? It’s safe to say that this certain beach is located here in the Philippines!

After its temporary shutdown to tourists starting April 26 to clean up the shores and rehabilitate the island, as of now, Boracay’s looking great!

Michelle Molano, an events manager of one of the biggest resorts on the island (who is also based in Aklan), has shared to WHEN IN MANILA the progress she has seen so far of the island.

Almost paradise sa white beach, kasi sobrang ganda. Naglabasan ang mga fish at ang mga birds. Naririnig mo na sila na nag chichirp… sana ma-share na ulit sa iba ang island. May mga baby shark na rin na nagswiswim!

Rough translation: It’s almost paradise (in) the white beach because it’s really beautiful. The fishes and birds have come out. You can hear (the birds) chirping… I hope the island can be shared with everyone else. There are even baby sharks swimming!

“(Personally), I believe that it is a good thing to close the island for us to recover the glory days of Boracay, it is only a temporary setback.” Molano shares. “The government needs to sustain and save Boracay. We badly need to fix our sewerage problem and Boracay badly needs a much-needed clean-up. Hopefully, with all the stakeholder’s cooperation, we will be opening again soon.”

The beach looks great so far, don’t you think? We can’t wait to be back when it’s open again to tourists! We just have to maintain what has been fixed and cleaned, and it’ll be good for everyone.

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Disclaimer: does own these photos. Credits go to Boracay photographer Jack Jarilla.

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