Would You Ever Do Squiggly Eyebrows?

2017 has brought us a whirlwind of beauty trends: there was unicorn hair and feather eyebrows, but we bet that nothing has prepared you for this latest Internet creation: squiggly eyebrows!

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Beauty blogger Promise Tamang was one of the first trendsetters of the look, who uploaded her own take on Instagram!

According to an interview with Pop Sugar, Promise was inspired by a Photoshopped squiggly brows image online and wanted to try it out in real life!

To achieve the look, Promise used washable PVA Glue to flatten her brow hairs in one direction. Then she used full coverage concealer to hide her hair, and then used powder to fully erase her brow.

Promise used used black gel liner mixed with brow pomade formula to draw on the squiggly lines.

Many have since followed suit, finishing the look with bright eyeshadow shades, and even squiggly lips!

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Would you try the squiggly brow look? What are your thoughts on them?